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Paris 3rd

Passing rain 6

Epiphyllum on a boat

Monkey, bird and a bicycle

A mobile phone

The twilight of the Seine

Assinie beach 2 (diptych)

Tisserant street (diptych)

Levitating Apprentice 2 (Triptych)

Opera Avenue

View of Saint Cloud

Snowy Neuilly


Mushroom picking

The Pelican

Sky of Boulogne

Passing rain 3

Flying Carpet 3

Farewell party 2018

Bird watching

Riddle bird 2

Riddle bird 3

Pink bird

Bird in red shirt 2

Search separately

Bird in red shirt

2 birds

Souchan & Momochi

Hanasaka jiji

Boy on the watermelon

Riddle bird

Monkey and Bird

Winter bird

Pink bird 2

Lion and bird

The man who catches birds

Moon in the beak



White bird


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